Home Gym Maintenance

Whether your Home Gym is in need of repair or just a simple tune up, we’ll get your in-home or in-facility service visit scheduled and one of courteous and professional service technicians will get you taken care of in no time. Our experience tells us that regular preventive maintenance of your Home Gym will extend the life of the equipment, reduce the likelihood of costly repairs and ensure that you’re able to enjoy your unit for years to come.

Home Gym Preventive Maintenance Checklist:
• Inspect equipment for loose or missing hardware
• Clean and inspect unit for signs of excessive wear, cracked welds or missing hardware
• Inspect cable pulley system for signs of fraying cables, kinks, failing ends or other damage
• Lubricate all pulley assemblies and equipment pivot points
• Visually inspect weight stacks
• Ensure weight stack moves freely, without restriction and all plates seats properly
• Ensure all safety keys and stops are present and in good working order
• Test all ‘positions’ to ensure gym is operating properly